Building Projects

Fund Raising

Building Projects

In addition to raising funds for charity, in 2012/13 we raised £15k to pay for a new roof on our Fellowship hall, after the old asbestos sheet roof deteriorated beyond repair. Below you can see pictures of the old roof and the new roof. The old roof had numerous leaks and damage and was not insulated leading to increased heating costs. The new roof is a great improvement and incorporates a foam insulation which has made a noticable improvement in heat retention.

We would like to thank all our church members, friends and local charities who helped support us  in reaching our challenging target. 


Eastern side of the old roof

The pictures above show the east facing side of the old roof, The patched up and repaired areas of the old roof and the East and West sides of the new replacement roof.

In December 2013 we refurbished our kitchen facilities at a cost of £38k which we have almost completed raising money for. Our Kitchen facilities, and staff, have been awarded 5 stars for Food Safety & Hygiene.  Below are some photos of our old kitchen and our new kitchen.









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